What's Your FavoriteThing About Tryon?

This turns out to be a fun question because it's hard to explain Tryon to people who don't already know it.  You definitely can't see what makes it so special - but everything you do see is pretty nice - It's ...

My basic answer is it's a great life if you can get it. Yes, there are lots of retired people, but they're really busy.  Like the retired brain surgeon who researches butterflies, or the retired airline CEO who writes crime novels, or the 80 year old guy who spent 40 years buying all the tomotoes they used in Campbell Soup.  He's making sure kids in rural communities around Tryon always have books.  I work, but I also take riding lessonsn- on a real horse -  from the world's most best teacher - my 9 year old friend from the Green Creek Pony Club.

What could be better?  


This is my amazing friend Joan.  She's 88.  She and her husband retired to Tryon in the 70's to be in the warmer than Chicago weather, and ended up running the communications department for Polk County Schools for 30 years.  She took on the task of elevating the cultural awareness in rural Polk county to that of much larger cities. She figured out how to get the high school a Steinway concert grand piano and brought in world class programs for the community. Before she retired, she raised five kids in the 50s, then went to Iowa's graduate writing program.


What's your favorite thing about Tryon? How would you describe why you think it's such a special place? Who lives here? What's going on? Send us a note or pic to MyFavoriteThing@AroundTryon.com.  We'll spread the word. 

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